Sunday, September 17, 2006

My MS SQL Server Articles

My MS SQL Server Articles

1. Indexes on Computed Columns: Speed Up Queries, Add Business Rules
Using an index on a computed column, you can implement complex business rules or just give your SQL Server queries a performance boost.

2. Avoid These Common Business Rule Implementation Mistakes
Some solutions for implementing business rules can allow invalid data to get into the database. Find out where the loopholes lie in these all-too-common approaches.

3.Index Covering Boosts SQL Server Query Performance
Index covering is a quick and easy solution to many query performance problems. By just adding a column or two to an index you can significantly boost a query's performance.

4. The Less SQL Server Sorts, the Faster It Responds (with Rajiv Rajak)
Learn coding techniques to tweak your SQL queries so that SQL Server sorts less data and returns much faster.


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